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Interview for LKA+P
"There is a slowness to taking it all in. Since the image in the video doesn’t move, the story must play out in the viewer’s imagination."

Review of A Certain Distance in the Winnipeg Free Press
"Matas has spent years mapping relative distances with varying degrees of certainty, but this exhibition represents a newly forthright attempt to communicate what it's like to occupy those distances as a thinking, feeling person. The space she pictures is both thrilling and terrifying, lovely and deceptively calm."

Review of A Forest in the Winnipeg Free Press
"A Forest collects new work by Sylvia Matas, whose recent drawing- and text-based work is a subtle, cerebral, poetic and highly personal exploration of natural phenomena and individual experience."

Article in Border Crossings Magazine
"If time and space are the coordinates that shape the book, sight and sound are the senses that provide its content. Many of the charts she included are registers of sound, and the range is personal, natural and cosmological."

Exhibition Essay for solo exhibition Red Shift at Mercer Union
"In Matas’ practice, it is the nothing—the familiar objects, the empty spaces, the invisible—that, through simple gestures, become something to articulate the virtually inexplicable."

Exhibition Essay for group exhibition Scratching the Surface: The Post-Prairie Landscape at Plug In ICA
"There is innate poetry in nameless passage. In conversation with the imperfect science of the sundial and hourglass, this is time-keeping without accompanying purpose – measured carefully outside any form of practical application."