black and white photo of stairwell
How Far Away is the Future (video)
black and white photo of winter road in forest
Between Signal and Shadow (video)
black and white plant
House Plant (video)
reflection at night
Looming (video)
reflection at night
Night Circled (video)
There Was a City (video)
Don't Look at the Moon (video)
empty room
New Rooms (video)
photo of a tree at night
A Reversal of Winds (book)
digital landscape
Behind the Sun (video)
a forest
November (video)
words read our house was like any other
Directly Overhead (video)
a winter landscape
Out of Nowhere (video)
photo of a building with shadow from a tree
A Huge Space, Largely Empty (book)
altered newspaper
This Year and Next (altered newspapers)
altered newspaper
Days of Rain (altered newspapers)
abstract image
Morning Sun, Afternoon Sun (sun print)
graphite drawings
Views of the Moon (drawings)
a forest
That Day, This Time (video)
a country road
3:23pm (video)
a forest
Fall (video)
words read waves memories telephones
Vast, Constant, Irreversible (embossed paper)
drawing of a tree
At Night (drawings)
abstract drawing
A Forest (drawings)
photo of footprints in the snow
In Every Direction (book)
drawings of constellation map
Antlia, Etc (drawings)
altered piano score
Nocturne (altered score)
a drawing of an arm
The Moon is Moving Away from Earth at a Rate of About 4cm per Year (wall drawing)
drawing of a tree
Native Trees of Canada (drawings)
altered newspaper
Forecast (altered newspapers)
altered newspaper
Wind (altered newspapers)
a small glass bottle
By Now (object)